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The Difference Between Operable & Standard Pergolas

Find out Which Pergola Type Suits Your Recreational Lifestyle

The experts at Community Builders of Little Rock are here to help you decide which addition is perfect for your Little Rock home. One of the major contenders for home add-ons is the pergola. These are available in two main types, operable and traditional. Pergolas are a popular option partly due to their affordability. They’re also known to add a great deal of visual intrigue that can be attributed to their signature architectural appeal. All of this adds up to pergolas being one of the best additions you can make to your home. However, deciding between operable and traditional can be somewhat challenging and certain things must be considered. We’re here to identify and examine the major difference between the two and what it means for you.

Is Operability Worth the Cost?

There is one primary difference between operable and traditional pergolas and that is the functional roof. Operable pergolas have roof slats can open and close with a touch of a button. However, this functionality can greatly affect how you use your pergola and where it can be placed. The roof operates on a slow-motion motor so it can be opened or closed depending on the user’s preference. This means you never have to miss out on enjoying your outdoor area. Operable pergolas are able to provide a more complete shelter than its counterpart so it’s typically viewed as the better option.

Unfortunately, operability comes at a price and that is they require a power supply. This may not seem like a big deal but requiring a power supply means that the options for pergola placement can be limited. Operable pergolas aren’t typically seen as free standing structures because the majority of the time they must be placed within close proximity of the home. Operability can also negatively impact climbing plants like ivy, which can hinder some homeowner’s design choices. Overall, operable pergolas and traditional pergolas are strikingly similar with the exception that operable pergolas are better for protecting you from the elements. With traditional pergolas, your time outdoors will be largely dependent on the weather.

Deciding Between Operable & Traditional

The final decision between these two home additions lies with the homeowner’s preference. You may prefer to have a protection from the elements and to enjoy views through a slatted roof. If so, then an operable pergola is the choice for you. If you prefer a free standing pergola that’s accommodating to climbing plants, then a traditional pergola may be best. The difference in price can be taken into consideration but you must also remember that an operable pergola is basically two home additions in one. If you still need help deciding which pergola best suits your need, then contact us and schedule a free consultation today.

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