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Enjoy Outdoor Beauty Under Your Operable Pergola

Add a Beautiful Shaded Area to Your Home

You can finally have the beautiful shaded area you’ve always wanted for your Little Rock home with an operable pergola. Often times, the outdoor area of homes leave something to be desired. Fortunately, an operable pergola from Community Builders of Little Rock is perfect for sprucing up your outdoor area. They give homeowners a gorgeous new recreational space that’s great for family gatherings, cookouts, or just relaxing outside. They effectively add style, value, and beauty by bringing a unique architectural design to your suburban home. These structures differ from standard pergolas in that they let you to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather because of their operability. The shutter style roof operates on a slow-motion motor to open and close. This is great for protecting you from rain and the intensity of the sun.

Features of an Operable Pergola

  • Durability: The heavy-gauge extruded aluminum we use for our operable pergolas provides them with exceptional durability to stand up to time and weathering.
  • Beautiful Designs: We have three gorgeous designs that can greatly increase the architectural appeal of any home. We have column styles of Roma, Florentine, and Venetian, each of which excel at providing your home with a vibrant new look.
  • Extra-Strength: Our TEMKOR corbels are added to the structure to enhance its strength. The corbels are capped at the end of the rafters and beams to increase structural integrity.
  • Rainwater Channels: Our roof’s slats are designed with extruded louvers and a return lip that channels rainwater. This design keeps water from collecting and reduces post-rain dripping.
  • Operability: Our pergolas operate on a slow-motion motor that uses 500 pounds of force to open and close the roof slats at a touch of a button.
  • Quick Installation: We use a snap-fit design for a pergolas that makes construction and installation easy so we can have your new home addition installed in no time.

The Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Area

The scorching heat or unrelenting rain doesn’t have to hinder your outdoor enjoyment any longer once you choose to have an operable pergola. Just set up underneath this uniquely shaded area and enjoy a relaxing, pleasurable experience. If the weather is disagreeable, just close the roof to shield yourself from it. The shelter of a closed roof and open sides give you the comfort of feeling the caress of a gentle breeze while enjoying the shade of our operable roof. Invest in your recreational time today by contacting us to schedule your free consultation.

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