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Know Your Siding: Types of Composite Siding

The Different Composite Sidings Available

Composite siding is a term that’s been thrown around rather casually in the industry. This has left quite a few Little Rock homeowners unsure as to what composite siding truly is. This is especially true concerning our Cedar Ridge composite since it isn’t engineered wood or fiber cement, which are the two most common composites. Fortunately, the siding experts here at Community Builders of Little Rock are here to explain the different types of composite siding available in the industry. The three types of composite sidings are engineered wood, fiber cement, and acrylic. The type we offer is an acrylic composite from Cedar Ridge simply because it’s the product that we believe offers the most to Little Rock homeowners. The following briefly describes each siding type in hopes of shedding more light on the mystery of composites.

Composite Siding Materials:

  • Acrylic: This option is made up of a solid vinyl core and a polymer mixture to form supremely strong composite panels. The panels are infused with insulating technology and a thermo barrier coating. Our siding panels are specifically fused with a rigid core foam backing that exponentially increases its insulating value, impact resistance, noise reduction, and strength.
  • Engineered Wood: This is a composite that is made by mixing wood products with filler and binders. The material is then heated and pressed into boards. Engineered wood is known for its close resemblance to real wood. To increase this resemblance, a decorative layer is infused into the boards. Engineered wood is treated to resist issues that commonly affect wood siding.
  • Fiber Cement: This composite siding is made of a mixture of sand, Portland cement, water, and cellulose. Once mixed, the material is steam heated and formed into planks. Fiber cement siding is known for enhanced its strength and fire resistance.

Unique Vinyl Composite Siding from Community Builders

The Cedar Ridge acrylic composite siding we carry at Community Builders of Little Rock is the only one of its kind that’s currently mainstreamed in the industry. This incredibly unique siding product provides Little Rock homes with outstanding beauty, energy efficiency, and strength. One of the strength enhancing qualities is the use of TXL™ Lamination technology that binds our siding panels with the Neopor® foam backing. This makes our siding 200% stronger than other composite sidings, including fiber cement. To learn more about the various types of composite sidings or the advantages that our Cedar Ridge composite siding holds, contact us today for a free consultation.

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