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Improve Your Home with Our Vinyl Composite Siding

Invest in the Improvement of Your Home’s Exterior

Take the time to invest in the exterior of your Little Rock home with an instant upgrade to high-quality vinyl composite siding from Community Builders of Little Rock. Our siding is designed to aid in the optimization of your home’s energy efficiency and exterior beauty. Vinyl composite siding is known its superb strength, energy efficiency, and beauty. Our premier siding is manufactured by siding industry juggernaut, Cedar Ridge, whose signature hand-milled cedar finish creates the impression of real cedar. Despite having the look of real cedar, it doesn’t require the high maintenance that accompanies natural cedar siding. Additionally, our insulated siding has contoured foam fused to the back of the panels to enhance its energy efficiency and sturdiness.

Features of Our Vinyl Composite Siding:

  • Natural Beauty: The hand-milled, cedar-grain finish of our siding simulates the natural beauty of real cedar so well that you’ll never be able to tell the difference. Additionally, the seamless finish provides a look of uniformity, elegance, and coherence to enhance curb appeal.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our siding uses Neopor® technology to keep moisture out and increase thermal performance by adding up to 19% more R-value. The contoured foam backing is completely fused to complete the insulation and moisture management system.
  • Durability & Strength: We use the insulating bonding technology of the patented TXL™ Lamination to fuse the siding panel and contoured foam. This gives our products a bond that is 200% stronger than the binding of standard insulated sidings. It’s also 240% more impact resistant and reduces outside noise 45% more efficiently than fiber cement sidings.
  • Customization: You can completely customize your siding by choosing from our 22 different color variations and 5 different profiles.

Siding Installation from Community Builders Little Rock

At Community Builders of Little Rock, we know how important siding is to the curb appeal of your Little Rock home. Our Cedar Ridge® vinyl composite siding is known for its strong performance with regards to beauty and efficiency. However, even the highest quality siding can be inefficient and unappealing if the installation is poor. That’s why choosing the right siding installer is just as important as choosing the siding. The professionals at Community Builders of Little Rock are some of finest installers in the Little Rock region so you can have peace of mind concerning the installation. Invest in your home’s exterior today with our vinyl composite siding by contacting us for your free consultation!

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