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Replace Your Windows Before It’s Too Late

Signs You Need Upgraded Window Performance

There are several signs to watch out for that indicate the performance of your windows’ is failing. At Community Builders of Little Rock, our window experts are trained to identify these issues to help you avoid poor energy performance. However, if you want to take a preemptive strike against window inefficiency, we suggest that you watch out for the following warning signs. If you notice any of these, it is highly likely that your Little Rock is losing out on valuable energy and you’re paying for it.

Signs You Need Replacement Windows:

  • Old and Dated: Out of date windows don’t possess the modern energy saving technologies to help them perform efficiently. This results in greater energy loss and higher utility bills for Little Rock homeowners. Windows from our EnviroView line work well to optimize your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Physical Damage: If your window’s glass or frame is damaged, your home’s energy efficiency is significantly reduced. This happens because heat transfer occurs at a faster rate through the damaged areas. Warping is also a concern as the increased stress causes the glass to crack.
  • Drafts from the Window: This can be a strong indication that you’re losing heat and air through your window installation. This can be prevented with an airtight installation by professionals like the ones at Community Builders of Little Rock.
  • Difficulty of Operation: Out of balance windows are prone to being hard to open and close as well as slamming shut. Having windows in this condition makes it easier for air, water, and other irritants to get in your home.
  • Condensation: Areas around your window and its exterior surface are commonly afflicted by condensation, which is not typically cause for concern. Condensation that forms between the panes of your window is a problem. This usually means a seal is bad and results in losing the insulating qualities that multi-pane windows possess.

Be Aware of Your Windows’ Efficiency

Once you know what to watch out for with your windows, they’re fairly easy to maintain on your Little Rock home. The windows of your home will need to be replaced eventually and once the time does come for window replacement, the experts at Community Builders of Little Rock are ready to help. Our outstanding installations and products greatly increase the beauty and efficiency of any home. The specialized knowledge we have ensures that your Little Rock home receives the improvements it needs. Don’t let your dated windows waste your energy any longer! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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