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The Difference Between Double-hung and Single-Hung Explained

Find Out Which Window Works for Your Home and Why

One of the most common questions in the window industry is “What’s the difference between Single and Double-hung windows?” Fortunately, the window experts at Community Builders of Little Rock are here to help you find the answer. Though both window styles are highly popular, we believe that Little Rock homeowners should know the difference so they can make an informed decision of which is best for their home. Our comparison reveals how well the two stack up against each other in terms of design, functionality, and energy efficiency.

The Weigh-in: The General Specs

Single-Hung windows open and close via a vertical slide and possess at least two panes of glass. Some do offer options of more than two panes, which can be seen with double and triple pane options. These windows have two sashes, a bottom and top but only the bottom sash is moveable. It operates vertically to slide up and down.

Double-Hung windows are visually similar to single-hung but largely different in terms of operation. They still have a top and bottom sash but both are moveable. Both sashes are designed to slide open, plus, there’s an additional feature of each sash being able to tilt-in to make cleaning very easy.

The Battle of Window Styles

  • Affordability: Between these two windows, single-hung are more affordable. This is because of it having less working parts and lower labor costs with quicker installations. They are also typically found in standard sizes as fixed units, which means they require less effort to install in an existing space. Double-hung windows require more effort since each sash needs its own installation check. The installation is also more labor due to their heavier weight and precise seating requirements.
  • Energy Efficiency: Both provide an upgrade to your home’s energy performance, however, there is one with a clear edge in energy efficiency. Single-hung windows perform better because of the inoperable pane. With less operable parts, less energy loss occurs, which makes single-hung more energy efficient than double-hung windows.
  • Security: A lot of homeowners expect single-hung windows to be more secure since they have one less opening, however, double-hung windows win this round. Due to their stronger frame that supports the extra weight and parts, double-hung windows have more structural integrity. They also have more locking mechanisms, including ones for each sash and vent latches to keep either sash from opening too far.
  • Maintenance: The unrelenting double-hung window fights back to take another round. These windows are extremely easy to clean because of the tilt-in sashes. Our double-hung windows are also easily operable and solidly constructed with high-quality materials that significantly reduce the chance of any mechanical malfunctions.

Window Battle Tie-Breaker?

Though there is no clear winner exhibited by the above information, the better window can still be determined by the homeowner’s taste. It simply comes down to the matters of convenience and affordability. For those that can absorb the extra expense of double-hung, the benefits they offer may be well worth it. On the other hand, there are those that prefer the lower cost and energy-efficiency of single-hung windows. Regardless of which window you choose, you can be certain that Community Builders of Little Rock will provide you with exceptional quality and installations. Contact us today to learn about our other window options!

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