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Window Ratings 101: The Energy Label

Don’t Miss Out on Superior Energy Savings

Most eco-conscious Little Rock homeowners are well aware of the importance of having energy efficient windows. The windows we carry at Community Builders of Little Rock are some of the more efficient windows in the industry and are capable of saving you an immense amount of energy. Their proven efficiency has been honored by the privilege of carrying the coveted blue Energy Star® label. This symbol signifies that a product has met and surpassed the government standards for energy efficiency. However, some homeowners want to be able to look deeper into a window’s energy ratings. It’s for this reason that the NFRC label is present on all North American windows. This label offers insights into the qualities of a window’s energy efficiency.

What Does it All Mean?

  • U-Factor: This rating indicates how well a window retains the heat in your home, which is a direct representation of its ability to protect against heat transfer. Lower ratings on a scale of .20 – 1.20 are ideal.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): This number rates how well a window can block radiant heat generated by the sun. A lower SHGC number on a scale of 0 and 1 is better.
  • Air leakage: The rating for air leakage tells the homeowner how much air can potentially leak through the hardware of the window. Measured on a scale of .1 to .3, lower numbers indicate less potential for air leakage.
  • Visible Transmittance (VT): The potential for “daylighting” is communicated by the VT rating. The potential for illumination of the interior with natural lighting through the window is known as “daylighting” and higher the number between 0 and 1 indicates more daylighting potential.

Window Ratings Exist for the Consumer

Knowing how to read the NFRC label is a great skill to have when you’re looking to replace the windows of your Little Rock home. This means you don’t have to be subjected to the sly tactics of slick salespeople any longer. Fortunately, at Community Builders of Little Rock, our representatives are trained to never subject you to such a negative experience. We take pride in being readily available to help you by answering any questions you have about what window style works for you. Take advantage of window expertise and services we offer to Little Rock homeowners by contacting us today to schedule your free consultation.

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