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Energy-Saving Qualities of Our Replacement Windows

Save Energy Dollars & Increase Curb Appeal

The majority of heat transfer occurring in your Little Rock home takes place through the windows. That’s why having energy efficient windows are very important as their modern, energy-savings technology which can effectively cut this percentage down and give your home a greener existence. At Community Builders of Little Rock, we provide a wonderful line of windows that increase the energy efficiency of homes throughout Little Rock. They are specially designed to reduce heat transfer, block UV rays, and maximize daylight by making use of multiple energy-saving technologies and advanced construction techniques. Several of these features are found with only the most current energy-saving windows.

EnviroView’s Energy Efficiency Explained

  • Activator 12 Low-E Glass Package: Our Low-E glass coating is made up of many microscopic layers of metallic coatings to help your home perform optimally all year. Additionally, the reduced amount of UV rays your let through keeps your furniture and décor from fading. We also have options for advanced spacer systems and NSArgon gas fills for upgraded energy efficiency.
  • Multi-Chambered Design: Our windows are constructed using multi-chambered frames to provide greater strength and energy efficiency. The multi-chambered frame’s strength and rigidity add structural integrity and the dead air space insulates. We can also fill this space with insulating foam to increase your thermal protection.
  • Multi-Layered Weather Stripping: This design feature helps keep air, water, dirt, and other allergens from entering your home through the window’s perimeter.
  • Fusion Welded Frame & Sash: Our windows are constructed to completely seal off any gaps or leaks typically seen with mechanically fastened window frames. Our fusion weld forms a permanent bond between the sash and frame to seal out any air or moisture.
  • Advanced Spacer Technology: Our spacer system formed with aluminum, foam, steel, and polycarbonate to provide low conductivity and strong support. It also aids in reducing condensation.

Have a Greener Home with Modern Windows

It’s important to the environment and your pocketbook that your Little Rock home performs as energy efficiently as possible. Replacement windows from Community Builders of Little Rock are designed to have a huge positive impact on your home’s energy-saving ability. The EnviroView® windows we’ve chosen to carry have helped several Little Rock homeowners save money and maintain a more eco-friendly home. Don’t suffer the financial hit that old windows bring, instead, contact us today for your free consultation.

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