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Lasting Beauty & Enduring Strength with Metal Roofs

Benefit Your Home with Stone-Coated Metal Roofing

One of the larger areas of your Little Rock home to keep maintained is your roof, which has a tendency to breakdown due to weathering, time, and natural hazards. Most homeowners find themselves constantly having to replace shingles and every time a strong storm blows through, but the roofing experts at Community Builders of Little Rock have a better way. The Energy-Loc® metal roofs we carry help ease the financial and laborious burdens of roof maintenance. Our metal roofs are able to withstand the fury of nature due to their strong resistance to impact, fire, and wind damage. Best of all, since they are proven to last at least 40 years, they could be the last roof you’ll ever need. In addition to their strength and durability, our low-maintenance metal roofs enhance the beauty of homes too.

Metal Roofing Made for Beauty & Strength

The greatest attributes of metal roofing have always been found in its superior strength and durability when compared to other roofing materials. Additional qualities like its energy-saving ability, eco-friendliness, and easy installation helped push it further towards the forefront of the roofing industry. Despite these positives, some concerns remained regarding the potential for excess noise during rainy weather and its industrious look. These were the major concerns kept the majority of homeowners from transitioning to the superior roofing option.

Fortunately, those worries have passed as it was found that the increased noise from rain was merely a myth and the introduction of natural stone-coatings has allowed metal roofs to simulate the look of traditional stylings. This means that Little Rock homeowners can finally enjoy the beautiful look of tile or wooden shake and the durability and strength of metal in one appealing package. The stone-coated metal roofs we have at Community Builders of Little Rock provide your home with exceptional beauty, enhanced strength, and enduring protection.

Better Your Home with a Metal Roof

The durability and strength of our metal roofs are just some of what they have to offer Little Rock homeowners. They’re also very energy-efficient due to the UV-reflective granite stone chips that help protect against radiant heat transfer. The energy efficiency of our roofs will help your home stay more comfortable throughout the year. Additionally, their make-up consists of 30% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable upon disposal, which makes them very eco-friendly. Better the beauty and efficiency of your home today with a beautiful metal roof; just contact us to schedule your free consultation!

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