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How Gutter Covers Protect Your Foundation

Maintain the Strength of Your Home with Gutter Guards

A very real threat to your Little Rock home’s structural integrity are clogged gutters. Having clogged gutters, can easily lead to very costly foundation damage. This is one of the worse things that can occur to your home and we highly advise that you seek professional assistance if you notice potential damage to your foundation. There are quite a few homeowners who are unsure of how clogged gutters lead to such debilitating damage. Fortunately, the experts at Community Builders of Little Rock are here to shed some light on the dangers that unmaintained gutters present to your home’s foundation.

Clogged Gutters: Menacing Foundations Everywhere

Your home’s foundation is in grave danger if you’ve let your gutters become clogged with debris and gutter gunk. A foundation is affected in several ways by clogged gutters, often with one issue resulting from the other. The trouble begins when runoff from rainwater begins to pool around the base of your home. This saturates the soil, which causes it to expand. The result is a large amount of stress on the walls of your foundation because the expanding soil has nowhere else to go. When the soil pushes against your foundation, it results in cracks to the walls and even basement floor.

Pooled water also results in a slow erosion of the walls, which can also lead to cracks and leaks. Once the moisture finally evaporates or flows away from your Little Rock home, the surrounding becomes displace. This causes your foundation to settle, shift, or even sink. All of this major damage stems from what seems to be a simple chore, clogged gutters. The severe effect that clogged gutters have on the structural integrity of your home is evident in bows and cracks in your walls, mold and mildew growth, basement flooding, and many other major issues.

Prevent Foundation Damage with Gutter Protection

Make sure that you protect your home’s structural integrity so you never have to worry about it collapsing in on you. The gutter covers from Community Builders of Little Rock eliminate the possibility of incurring foundation damage due to clogged gutters. It’s our mission to protect your home from clogged gutters and to keep damaging water flowing far from your home’s foundation. Avoid the costly repairs brought on by foundation damage by contacting us to schedule your free consultation or installation of our gutter covers.

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