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Remodel Your Shower to Get Daily Gratification

A Quick Shower Remodel Can Enhance Your Daily Mood

One of the easiest ways to enhance the beauty and joy you experience in your Little Rock bathroom is with a shower remodel. Renewing the space in which you shower gives you a blissful bathing experience every time you step into it. Our high-quality acrylic products are designed to be enduring and gorgeous so that you never have to worry about them again. You won’t have to feel dread and disdain anymore once you have a shower remodel done by the experts at Community Builders of Little Rock.

At Community Builders of Little Rock, we take great pride in carrying some of the highest quality products available and this extends to our exceptional shower remodeling products. Each is designed to provide you with high-quality and beauty at an affordable price. Our shower products include replacement shower bases and shower liners, each designed to install easily. Since our products are custom-made, they can be installed in your home in as little as a day.

Exceptional Shower Remodeling Products:

  • Replacement Shower Bases: Made using acrylics of the highest quality. Our shower bases provide homeowners with more beauty and durability. Additionally, they are resistant to mold and mildew, which makes cleaning as simple as wiping down the surface. They are also highly resistant to scratching, chipping, staining, and fading, which mean your new installation will continue to endure throughout the years.
  • Shower Liners: This is one of our more affordable remodeling options that are great at providing a convenient solution to persisting problems. Liners renew your shower by eliminating impossible to remove stains and other physical damages by enveloping your shower space in a new high-gloss acrylic. Plus, the installation is finished quickly so you can enjoy it sooner.

Showers from a Trusted Arkansas Remodeler

Each of our acrylic shower installations is infused with the advanced technology of Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection. This is to provide our acrylics 24/7 protection against malicious bacteria that fester in moist spaces. This technology is what makes our shower remodeling products so resistant against bacteria and other microbes. This lets you enjoy worry-free showering in a pristine new bathing space. At Community Builders of Little Rock, we want to make sure your bathroom is beautiful and that you remain protected in a clean bathing space. Don’t risk your health in a filthy shower any longer, instead, contact us to learn more about how our shower products help keep your bathroom free of bacteria.

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