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Affordably Enhance Your Space with a Bath Liner

Remodeling Your Little Rock Bathroom on a Budget

Bath liners are the perfect remodeling option for Little Rock homeowners that can’t absorb the cost of investing in a new bath but still need an upgrade. They bring to your home the high-gloss beauty of a brand new bathtub but without the high price tag that is typical of new tubs. At Community Builders of Little Rock, our bath liners are made using the same high-quality acrylics that our replacement bathtubs use. This means that you get the same durability, strength, and low-maintenance that our replacement baths have but at a more agreeable price. Our liners are manufactured using the precise measurements from your current tub so they fit perfectly upon installation.

Features & Benefits of Bath Liners

  • Affordability: New liners are an affordable bathtub upgrade that is comparable to the quality you receive with a new replacement bathtub. You can have a new looking bathtub without the cost of actually purchasing a new bathtub.
  • Beauty & Variety: Our bath liners use a high-gloss finish to give them a glimmering shine that radiates throughout your entire bathroom. We also have several colors and patterns available that can provide the perfect look to your newly remodeled bath.
  • Durability: Our bath liners are resistant to chipping, staining, fading, and other common wear and tear occurrences. Additionally, the watertight seals around the edges prevents water from forming unwanted mold and mildew beneath the liner.
  • Low-Maintenance: Our acrylics are infused with Silver Shield™ antimicrobial protection to increase their resistance to mold, mildew, and other microbes. Not only is this excellent for hygiene but it makes them exceptionally easy to clean.

Renew Your Bathtub with a Bath Liner

Several Little Rock homeowners prefer bath liners over replacement tubs due to their higher affordability. At Community Builders of Little Rock, we carry both in order to provide homeowners with multiple options for their bath remodel. Some homeowners choose a process known as reglazing, however, we don’t recommend it. This is because reglazing has a tendency to be less effective and more troublesome than replacement tubs and liners. Regular issues with reglazing are regular peeling and the requirement of dangerous chemicals. Don’t risk your health or your bathtub with lower tier processes like reglazing, instead, invest in a new liner for a remarkable bath transformation. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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