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Enjoy Walk-in Accessibility with a Walk-in Tub

A Convenient & Elegant Bathing Solution

Walk-in tubs have quickly ascended to the forefront of accessible bathing due to their comfort, beauty, and accessible functionality. These tubs were strictly designed to aid in the homeowner’s pursuit of accessible bathing. At Community Builders of Little Rock, we understand the importance of independent bathing, which is why we proudly carry walk-in tubs. Our walk-in tubs provide a soothing bathing experience and a low-threshold design that makes it easy for Little Rock homeowners to enter. The leak-proof door is easy to operate and it forms a watertight seal with the low-threshold entrance so water can’t escape your tub. These standard walk-in tub options effectively take the danger out of bathing and replaces it with optimal comfort.

Features & Benefits of Our Walk-in Tubs

  • Low-Threshold: Easy accessibility is granted with the low-threshold entrance that was specifically designed for those with trouble stepping over a high-sided tub. Experience worry-free bathing without the fear of tripping over a high-sided tub entrance.
  • Chair-Height Seat: Our chair-height seat gives you the ability to ease into your bath and relax at a comfortable sitting position. Now you can enjoy the perks of a full body soak without having to constantly adjust yourself like you would in a cramped standard bathtub.
  • Leak-Proof Door: The leak-proof side door keeps water from escaping your tub once it is sealed shut. Plus, the ease of operation greatly complements the watertight seal it forms.
  • Hydrotherapy: Our hydrotherapy jets perform an excellent warm water massage that soothes the soreness and aches of your tired muscles and joints. They’re also great for helping diabetics since hydrotherapy helps increase blood flow.
  • Low-Maintenance: The Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection that our walk-in tubs are infused with increases their resistance to mold, mildew, and other bacteria. This means they are easier to clean and protect from the festering of bacteria.

Comfortable Bathing with Walk-in Accessibility

Walk-in tubs have become so popular because they provide both accessible bathing and superior comfort. With one of our beautiful walk-in tubs, you can experience accessible and comfortable bathing like never before. The quality our walk-in tubs have is what has made Community Builders of Little Rock the trusted source for accessible bathing in Little Rock. Have this accessible bathing sensation installed in your home today, get started by contacting us to schedule your free consultation!

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