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The Science Behind Green Energy Barrier

Enjoy the Comfort of a Well-Insulated Attic

Homeowners hear about how certain attic insulations are more efficient than others all of the time. There are several companies that will say their insulation is the best regardless of how true it may be. At Community Builders of Little Rock, we don’t partake in such games. Instead, we give Little Rock homeowners the truth about our products and even go into depth about what makes them so efficient. We firmly believe in providing our customers with the knowledge they need to be able to make an informed decision. We also believe that trust can only be formed by exhibiting to your clients that we are experts in the field. It’s because of our beliefs that we believe it’s necessary to give a brief explanation of how our Green Energy Barrier® works. We want to help you come to an understanding of how it protects your home and what it’s specifically protecting against.

Radiant Heat Transfer: The Energy Thief

The most efficient form of heat transfer and greatest threat to your energy efficiency is radiant heat transfer (aka radiation or thermal radiation). The most prominent source of this form of heat transfer is the life-giving sun, which means that you cannot escape it regardless of where you go. Radiant heat is generated by the thermal activity between charged atom particles. These charged particles generate energy that is referred to as electromagnetic radiation. Thermal radiation can commonly be felt from incandescent lights, hot stove coils, and sun’s rays beaming through the window. Radiant heat is unique in that it travels through space without heating the air. Thermal radiation has to come into contact with a solid object to transfer its heat. This makes it unique from convective heat transfer, which circulates and transfers heat through the air.

How Does Reflective Foil Stop Radiation?

Reflective foil is effective against radiation because of its high values in reflectivity and low values in emissivity. Green Energy Barrier® works by reflecting heat rather than just slowing it down or absorbing and re-radiating it. The reflective qualities make it very useful in the attic when your radiantly heated roof attempts to push the heat into your attic. Rather than taking that heat into itself and redistributing it, the reflective foil never lets it in. Additionally, your Little Rock home can retain heat better if you radiant barrier installed to face inward. This is especially useful during winter months when your heated air is trying to escape. As a general double-sided reflective foil works best to gain optimal energy efficiency. Contact us today to learn more during your free consultation.

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