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Community Builders Little Rock: Add Re-sell Value to Your Home with A Bath Makeover

Potential home buyers, whether a family or individual, are very interested in how many bathrooms a potential home might have AND in what condition they are in.  Remodeling your bathroom can be one of the most expensive home improvement projects you will ever make. Now that doesn’t sound very promising, but because bathrooms are so important to potential homebuyers some sellers can see over a 100 percent return on investment. That me­­­ans one of the first places you should update is your bathroom. The question is…. what upgrades can give you the most bang for your buck!



It’s very tempting to splurge on fancy tile and bathroom amenities that are more for flair than function. It’s very important to realize that if you have intentions of selling your house, you should not remodel your bathroom based on what YOU like. Keep things universally likable and use materials that are low maintenance such as:

Bigger Tiles: Bigger tiles mean less grout, and fewer places for things such as mold, mildew, and grime to build up in. The less grout you have, the easier it will be to keep the bathroom clean.  Families and individuals will love knowing that it won’t take ALL day cleaning and maintaining their new bathroom. Tile is very easy to clean so the more space it takes up the better. Bigger tile also is more modern and tends to be more attractive than smaller tile these days.

Tile Types: Tile comes in different materials such as vinyl, ceramic, and stone to name a few.  Vinyl tiling is the most common type of tile used in bathrooms.   It is inexpensive and easy to install. It’s lower cost than ceramic tiles but not as attractive. Ceramic tile is relatively inexpensive and doesn’t absorb water. It’s also very durable and comes in a huge variety of colors and designs. This makes it a go-to for a lot of remodelers. Stone tiles such as marble, granite, and limestone are becoming more popular but are more expensive and require more maintenance. They give off a very high-class sophisticated look and can make any bathroom feel like a million bucks! Just always keep in mind to choose a tile that would appeal to the masses and not just your own sense of taste.

Durable Fixtures:  When remodeling consider that the next owners of the home might have children. So fancy faucets aren’t a necessity nor is it a need if they are hard to turn on for children.  Find something that is durable, easy to maintain, and simple to turn off and on.

Tub-shower combo: If your home’s main bathroom is a place that EVERYONE will use. Consider a tub-shower combo.  The tub will be great for small children to get clean and have a little fun, while the shower is perfect for teens and adults. The fact that you can have both of these things in the same space at the same time is simply amazing! And will benefit you in the long run in terms of resell value for your home.

Toilet Types: No one ever really thinks about the different types of toilets, but a great toilet can be a great investment. Growing in popularity is the dual-flush toilet. It uses a combination of a gravity-feed toilet (most common toilet, uses gravity to flush down waste) and a pressure-assisted toilet (pressurized air helps flush waste down, more efficient). These toilets help conserve water by using the gravity feed method for flushing liquid waste (half flush) and pressure-assisted method for eliminating solid waste (full flush). It’s quickly gaining in popularity and is estimating to soon surpass gravity-feed and pressure assisted toilets.

Toilet Styles: There are 3 major toilet styles to choose from. One-piece toilet, two-piece toilet, and wall-hanging toilets. The one-piece toilet design is one solid piece, usually ceramic, that is easier to install and clean. There aren’t a million nooks in crannies for things to hide in. The two-piece toilet is the most popular toilet style. Although it’s a little harder to clean than the one-piece design, it’s usually more efficient. The Wall-hanging toilet isn’t as popular but is ideal for small spaces. It can save up to a foot of space because its tank is hidden behind the wall it is mounted too. It’s also easy to clean around because it’s mounted.

Sink Styles: There are several different types of sink styles but the most common are top-mount, or drop-in, sinks; Undermount sinks, pedestal sinks, and an all-in-one sink and countertop. The all-in-one sink and countertop combo are what’s commonly purchased from your local home improvement store. These sinks are easy to clean and come in many sizes. Its main flaw is that it will leave you with little countertop space. Pedestal sinks are just how they sound, the sink bowl sits atop a pedestal. These sinks are great if your pipes go through the floor and can’t be changed, not so great if you expected counter space. Undermount sinks give a seamless look because the actual sink is mounted under the countertop. Spills can be wiped into the sink without any obstruction. These sinks tend to cost more, as well as the countertop space around it. You don’t have the option to go cheap with a laminate countertop because they don’t hold moisture well. Top-Mount sinks are the most common of all sinks. This sink is great for almost any countertop material, including wood and laminate. They have a rim that sits on top of the counter and most of the sink is under the counter-top.

All in all, a bathroom remodel is nothing to take lightly. On the cheap side, a complete bathroom renovation can cost about $4,000. On the high end, around $14,000. Again, those numbers might be shocking, but a bathroom remodel gives an insane amount of return on investment.

If you’re thinking about selling your home and want added value, or even if you don’t want to sell and just want an upgraded look Community Builders of Little Rock is here to help. In fact, going on right now is your chance to win up to $25,000 in Community Builder Home Make Over products during our Community Builders, Inc Home Makeover Sweepstakes. Enter today at

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