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Why a Sunroom/ Pergola Makes a Great Addition to any Home

Are you looking to add some valuable square footage to your home without breaking the bank? Sunrooms/Pergolas are great way to do this. Here at CBI Little Rock, we make the entire process simple and worry-free. The most you will ever have to do is pick up the phone. The first question most of our customers have is, what exactly a Pergola is. This is a great question. Basically, a Pergola is an outdoor space/room with cross rafters and no walls. It provides a light and airy oasis for you and your family to relax in. You can sip coffee, serve dinner, create a game room, or just relax and admire the great outdoors in. You will absolutely love enjoying the great outdoors in the comforts of your new space. Many tell us they love to watch the birds and squirrels play but can’t take the intense temps of summer. The same is true in the cold winter months. With your new space, you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors from the comforts of indoors while sipping your favorite beverage.

Pergolas are larger than arbors and are generally free standing. However, they can be attached to another building very easily. Our Sunrooms/Pergola’s are available in five beautiful, designer styles including Elizabethan, Classic, Vaulted, Solarium and Contemporary.

Sunroom/Pergola Benefits include:

*Added Square Footage.
*Increases Value of your Home.
*Gives you a Retreat to melt the day’s stresses away.
*Offered in several styles/designer colors to blend seamlessly.
*Virtually Maintenance Free.
No need to worry that your Pergola/Sunroom is going to look out of place and like an “add-on” to your home. Here at CBI Little Rock, we work very hard to blend your Pergola/sunroom seamlessly into your existing home. In fact, we custom build our Sunrooms/Pergolas so that they will coordinate beautifully with the style of your home. Local home improvement experts here in the Little Rock Metro, all agree that adding a Sunroom/Pergola is a great investment. They also say if you ever try to sell your home, a Pergola gives you the advantage over homes that don’t have one! Remember the most work you’ll have to do is picking up the phone and calling us here at CBI Little Rock. We’d love the opportunity to give you the Sunroom/Pergola you’ve always wanted.



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