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Transform your Shower with LuxStone™ Shower Styles

If you are looking for a way to really create a gorgeous spa like retreat in your shower, look no further than LuxStone™ Shower Styles. You will not believe how this one product can enhance your entire bathroom. If your shower is dull and drab and you’ve just turned a blind eye to it, we can help. Many homeowners leave their ugly showers “as is” because they fear a lengthy remodel will have to take place or a full demo project. Not the case with our LuxStone™ Shower Styles. Our gorgeous shower transformations can be completed in as little as one day! That’s right, one day!

Our LuxStone™ shower walls come from the high quality Kohler® brand of bath products. Our LuxStone™ shower walls are incredibly low maintenance and high quality. No matter which style you choose LuxStone™ does not support the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Cleaning LuxStone™ is a breeze. Just wipe down with a wet, soft cloth, and it’s original sparkle will return. Plus, we can customize any design configuration you have in mind, including different designs, styles and patterns with shower bases, wall accessories, fixtures and hardware. Our beautiful shower walls are available in designer styles like, White Brick, Veincut Sandbar and Veincut Dune, etc.

Bathroom remodeling has come so far. If you have always wanted a shower that helps you melt away the stresses of the day, LuxStone™ Shower Styles is your solution. We can transform your dark and dingy shower and turn it into a spa like retreat in as little as one day! The only thing you have to lose if your ugly and depressing shower. If you want to once and for all have a shower you look forward to, give us a call here at CBI Little Rock. Many of our thousands of satisfied customers tell us the only thing they regret is waiting as long as they did to make the call.


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