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How Efficient Are Your Windows

Energy efficiency for your home windows is a hot commodity, especially during these winter months. Windows that are old, worn, or damaged wreak havoc on your utilities and have the potential of severely hindering the amount of comfort you feel in your home. It’s for reasons such as these that routinely maintaining or replacing windows is of the utmost importance. Before deciding on your window purchase, one of your priorities should be to make sure you know what you’re looking for with regards to a window’s energy efficiency. Today, we’re going to offer our insights into what important components are used to increase a window’s energy performance.

A Means Toward Energy Efficiency

· Multi-Pane Construction: The majority of modern windows are available with multi-pane options, which can vastly improve its energy efficiency. Double-pane is practically an industry standard at this point and if you want to further improve on your new windows’ energy efficiency, then we suggest looking into triple-pane options as well.

Multi-pane windows make use of multiple panes of glass placed parallel to one another in the frame. The multiple panes not only provide an additional barrier with the glass, they also create a thermal barrier with the small space in between the panes.

· Insulating Gas Fills: Multi-pane windows are available with the option of insulating gas that fills the space between the panes. This quality adds yet another layer of obstruction between the interior of your home and the outside elements.

The two gases that are primarily used for this are Argon and Krypton, the latter of which is of higher quality due to its greater density.

· Low-E Glass: Low-E Glass uses a thin film made of multiple layers that aids in reducing the amount of light and heat transfer into and out of your home. There are many varieties of Low-E glass available so make sure to consult a window expert before investing in a brand of Low-E insulated windows.

· Multi-Chamber Frames: Frames that are designed with multiple chambers within the body are a must have for homeowners looking for energy efficient windows. Vinyl framed windows are typically made with multiple chambers. The idea behind the multi-chambered design is to create multiple spaces within the frame in which dead air gets trapped to create a thermal break. The thermal break aids in the reduction of heat transfer into and out of your home.

· Spacers: Multi-pane windows are equipped with spacer in the frame. High-quality spacers are designed to keep any insulating gas from leaking out of the construction, as well as keep the glass from moving out of place when the frame expands or contracts during extreme weather conditions. One of the top brands of spacers is the warm edge spacer.

Energy Efficient Window Professionals

Taking into account all of the above factors when shopping for replacement windows will help ensure that your home is equipped with high-performance windows. Another great way to identify energy efficient windows is to look for the Blue Energy Star label, which indicates when a window has exceeded government standards for energy efficiency. To learn more about how replacement windows can improve your home, contact CBI Little Rock today!


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